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Brands and Reputations

We believe your brand and reputation are the most valuable assets you own. Our job is to help you maximise the value of those assets by changing the way the world thinks and talks about you.

As an agency that takes a more holistic, integrated and long term perspective, our role in life is to help clients build powerful brands and shape strong reputations. We do this by using a seamless blend of strategic and creative thinking and applying them to the real world. A world where communication is no longer about big budget advertising but where every connection, interaction and experience counts. A truly top-down and bottom-up approach.

Work with us and you’ll be working with a straight-talking, fresh-thinking, hard-working agency committed to making your brand and reputation something worth talking about.

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Brand strategy

We believe the process should fit the problem not the other way round. That's why we don't have a one size fits all strategic methodology. What we do have are proven tools and techniques that help us map out the right journey for your brand. From audits and research, to positioning and propositions. From architectures and hierarchies, to messaging and comms plans. We can steer your brand in the right direction. From where it is now, to where you want it to be.

Brand identity

Having a clear strategy for your brand is a crucial starting point. But if it isn't articulated convincingly then all you have is a meaningless set of words. That's because your customers don't get to see the strategy. They just get to see what the brand does in the real world. And having a relevant, distinctive and memorable identity is the first step to making the strategy a reality. We can help you bring your strategy to life, through words, images, colour, sound, movement and experience; applying them convincingly and consistently to everything you do.

Brand packaging

Designing effective brand packaging is a very specific skill. The designer not only has to understand the chaos of a crowded retail environment but consider a whole host of, often constricting, variables; shape, material, space, print techniques, product ranging. Fortunately, we have a team who understand all these things and have a proven track record in creating impact on shelf and helping customers make the right choice.

Integrated campaigns and planning

To turn an insightful brand strategy and a convincing brand identity into valuable brand equity you need to get your brand story firmly lodged in the minds' of your customers. In the past this was the sole domain of advertising. But increasingly advertising is just part of the story telling process; online activity, search, social media, direct marketing, ambient activity, PR, point of sale... all customer touchpoints need to be considered in unison. Our job is to find the right mix for your brand, your message and your audiences. Much of this we can do in-house. But if we can't, we'll be honest enough to tell you, and introduce one of our trusted partners who will do the job alongside us.

Stakeholder reporting

We were the first agency in Scotland to assemble a specialist annual reporting team. And so we fully understand how to create effective annual reports, interim reports, CSR reports, strategy reports and all the other associated materials that are essential in keeping shareholders, investors and analysts completely informed and up to date. We keep on top of best practice principles, are members of Global Reporting Initiative and actively involved in the investor relations community. This means you can trust us to develop and deliver corporate communications that support your reputation in the city.

Corporate responsibility

An increasingly important driver of a good corporate reputation is the way an organisation carries out its everyday activities. As information becomes infinitely more accessible, so businesses must act infinitely more transparently. Our reporting experience has led to the formation of several partnerships that has enabled us to offer advice and support in the development of corporate responsibility strategy as well as communication. Going beyond the CSR report into areas such as strategy formulation, content delivery and broader stakeholder engagement.

Employee engagement

We live in a world where brand promises are kept and reputations earned by the words and actions of people. Every interaction between an employee and a customer is an opportunity to build your reputation or undermine it. Therefore, aligning all members of staff to corporate goals and brand standards is of paramount importance. Our experience in creating engaging internal campaigns helps employees understand the direction of the organisation and encourages them to act in a supportive way.

Reputation tracking

More and more people are talking about reputation as a key factor in driving sales or creating shareholder value. However, very few people actually do anything to take control of their reputation; most simply accept it as something that happens 'to' them. Our response has been to develop an approach to communication planning that serves as a wake-up call to make businesses realise that they can take control of their reputation. That they can put a process in place to monitor it. That it can be linked to financial performance. And that we are the people to help them do it.


It seems to be taken for granted these days that brand and design consultancies offer a range of digital services. But rather than leaving it to chance, we thought it worthwhile highlighting our capabilities in this field. Like most digital agencies we offer online strategy, website build and development, content management, E-commerce, E-communication, mobile, gaming, digital marketing, web analytics, reporting and social media management. However, unlike most online agencies, we don't treat digital communication in isolation. At Tayburn, digital is an integral part of the planning process. This ensures that online activities play an important part of overall brand and reputation building strategies.

We're always interested in working with talented people. If you're interested in working with or for Tayburn, please send your CV to: reception.desk@tayburn.co.uk

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Deepend Placement Scheme

Run from our Edinburgh office, it gives students and graduates from design courses the opportunity to work with our team on live projects. 

That’s why we’re opening Tayburn’s doors to the young, hungry and hopeful stars of tomorrow, to burn their fingers on some real briefs before sailing into the great unknown.

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