Acting Up

Health and safety issues are vitally important to any business. The consequences of being untrained and unprepared in the workplace can be dire. 

But the quality of education is often dire, too. Fortunately, Emma Currie, a well-known face on Scottish TV, saw the opportunity to put her acting and storytelling skills to a novel and compelling use. 

By creating the company Acting Up, Emma has brought to life cautionary tales of accidents at work, memorably dramatising the need for good safety, health and environmental (SHE) behaviour. 

Acting Up has reinforced important codes of practice too, for example, oil company employees: people exposed to potential hazards on a daily basis. 

Tayburn created a strong identity for Emma’s company. And showcased Acting Up’s live monologues, films and workshops together in a brochure for the first time. 

Each of these strands of the business was represented using illustration and a striking – and cost-effective – black and red colour palette. The result was as attention-grabbing as Emma’s performances.