Finding yourself streets ahead of your competitors, despite being in a position most companies would love to find themselves in, can occasionally create its own problems.

FNZ ("changing the way the world manages its wealth”) found itself in just such a predicament. Since it was so advanced compared to other businesses in its field, the way it operated was unfamiliar to potential customers and employees alike.

So we embarked upon a mission of clarification. On the FNZ website, we used interactive animated pages to explain everything in a way a layman could understand. And for those requiring more detailed information, there was additional content that they could access quickly and easily.

Fittingly for FNZ, the core visual identity and tone of voice that we developed were highly distinctive for the sector. We used an iconic graphic device that played on the idea of “connections”.

And we ensured that the site’s visitors weren’t assailed by copy panels stuffed with screeds of jargon. Plain English, in digestible quantities, was the order of the day. So although there was plenty of science around, we were determined not to blind anyone with it.


An interactive animation was created to tell a complex product story in a format that can be understood by non-experts.