The Yard

We take great pleasure in improving all of our clients’ brands and profitability. But in the case of The Yard, our success has been particularly satisfying. 

The Yard is one of the local charities and good causes that we have made it our corporate policy to support. It’s a purpose-built indoor and outdoor adventure playground for children with special support needs. 

We began working with The Yard in 2009. Since then, we’ve turned its annual report into something genuinely creative. (And we have the creative awards to prove it.) 

More importantly, though, the report now functions as a vehicle to raise the funds that the charity needs to survive. Raising the charity’s profile across the UK in the process. (And we have the effectiveness awards to prove that.) 

Developing a great relationship with the staff at The Yard, and seeing the incredible work they do continue, is something we hope we can do for many years to come.

D&AD 2012
In Book Annual reports 

It comes alive in your hand - from cover to cover it’s true in terms of how they recycle 'rubbish' into play resources and how they keep on being genuinely surprising.

The start point for the website was 'make it easy for busy parents to use' and then ensure that we bring The Yard to life online.